Our Top 5 PRP Thank Yous ….

Our Top 5 PRP Thank Yous ….

We wanted to celebrate our 5th anniversary of the Pink Ribbon Project in a big way and it was everything we envisioned and more! For those of you in attendance, [...]

We wanted to celebrate our 5th anniversary of the Pink Ribbon Project in a big way and it was everything we envisioned and more! For those of you in attendance, you know that we wanted to celebrate all that’s happened the past 5 years: relationships and alliances built, education provided about all stages of breast cancer, funds raised and allocated to metastatic research and, most importantly, the work of our very deserving beneficiaries that support those living with breast cancer. We are so proud to have seen it all come together in our biggest and best Pink Ribbon Project yet, raising $31,000 for breast cancer charities.

In keeping with our Top 5 concept from PRP this year, we thought we should celebrate & send thanks to our Top 5  from the night:

I. Our Guests

You make it a celebration! Year after year, you keep bringing the fun, the festivity, the laughter, hugs, handshakes, dance moves, long visits & speed catchups, the friendship and, most of all, the support. We could never put into words the joy it brings us to see you all there enjoying the night!

II. Our Sponsors & Donors

These are the people who make all things PRP possible. As we said at PRP this year, in the beginning we were so fortunate to have sponsors put their trust in us. Since then, their trust has led to us working with every generous sponsor and donor we have had over the past 5 years. It takes a lot of community support to host PRP, from our presenting sponsors, to auction items, to the little ‘pick me ups’ we gift to those currently going through treatment for breast cancer, the volunteer organizations like the Brooks Lacrosse Association that take on drive home service and other important tasks, to all the little things people step up and do for us, without us even asking. We continue to be humbled by your support. We couldn’t do it without you and thank you will never be enough.

III. Our Beneficiaries

We are proud to support the work of the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Breast Cancer Network. From the beginning, we knew that we needed to contribute funds to research as well as advocacy and patient supports. For us, these are the priorities and we are thankful for the great work of these two organizations to support patients living with all stages of breast cancer. Without the work they do, we wouldn’t have anything to celebrate at PRP.  These organizations make research possible, advocate for what patients need, and provide education, support & resources to those who need them. As an organization, we have all personally been in positions where we had to go to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Canadian Breast Cancer Network to ask for help and they are there. A light in often dark and scary times for those living with breast cancer and their loved ones.

IV. Our Vendors

From the decor to the flowers, the food to the entertainment, we have so many great businesses and people coming together to make this event what it’s intended to be: beautiful, whimsical, fun, and packed full of special surprises for our guests! We ask a lot sometimes….and the vendors we work with go above and beyond every time. To the Brooks Hotel, Prairie Blooms Studio, Something Borrowed by Dawn, The Ramada, Table Top Rentals, Iwaasa Industries, A Twist of Color, Oostlander Photography, Pop Up Photobooths, Daniele Trembecki, Devin Cooper & the Paragoners ….thank you for all that you do. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you!



V. Our PRP Family

5 years in, all the original team members remain and we have grown our team every year since the beginning. Every single person who works on PRP has been touched by cancer in some way.  We extend our PRP Family to include those who lend their time and talents to support their friends and those who share their personal stories in support of the breast cancer community. We stand together to offer our support to those who need it. Doing something positive in the face of fear, uncertainty, loss and pain is the only way for us, and it bonds us in a way that feels like family. It means showing up, taking action, celebrating those who are doing well, while still telling the whole breast cancer story. As someone who has to cope with the effects of this disease on their family every day ~ I can say that our PRP Family is a support system that I will be eternally grateful for.

That’s our Top 5 and you’re  all our favourite! We could never pick just one! The past 5 years, your support has allowed us to take an idea and turn it into reality, take a desperate desire to do something positive in the face of uncertainty and turn it into real action, take a hope that we could contribute a little bit to the cause and turn it into a very substantial gift of over $115,000 in funding that supports those living with breast cancer. Thank you for all of that and so much more.

We shared the night of PRP that it will continue to evolve based on our learning, our alliances, and the experience of our loved ones facing this disease and that the focus of our work in the future was a story for another time…..We are writing that story starting today. We can’t stop, we won’t stop. We hope you will stay the course with us. We will look forward to sharing the next chapter with you, less than 12 short months from now. Save the date now for PRP 6: June 15, 2019 and stay in touch ~ after all, you’re our favourite!

~Carmen Powell

for the Full Circle Fdn & The PRP Committee






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