Connection, Joy and Hope

time to honor

We last hosted PRP in June 2019 and so much has changed since then. It feels so much longer than three years in a lot of ways, but feels like yesterday in others.

Covid hit just 9 months after, and changed the way we come together as a community, how we support people living with cancer, how we support the organizations doing crucial work in the cancer space, how we grieve, and ultimately how we live our lives and connect with one another. It was a heavy time and one that we will be feeling the effects of for years to come.

Just before that massive shift in our lives, the PRP family suffered a great loss that impacted so many. Jody Rutherford, one of our biggest inspirations, and Mom to three of our PRP founders, passed away after living with metastatic breast cancer for 6 years. While we always knew we would lose her to the disease, the reality of that loss was devastating.

Our first PRP without her will be difficult to say the least, but it’s time. Time to bring it back, time to honor her, and time to honor the ways in which we all want to get back to living our lives.

We wanted to share a look back at the last PRP today and, in doing that, allow our hearts and minds to remember Jody, remember the gift that PRP has been in the past, and consider the legacy it will be in the future.

Looking at these photos you can feel the connection, joy and hope.  You can feel the support and love for our PRP family and the greater PRP community we have built over 6 years with all our guests; many of whom have been impacted by breast cancer. It’s time to bring that back.

We can’t wait to share PRP 7 with you! We know that together, we will honor the past and find a way to move forward with joy and hope in our hearts.

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