The Legend Tournament 2017 (Demo)

20 % of our event day volunteers have lost a parent to suicide.
80% of our event day volunteers have lost a family member or close friend to suicide.
100% of our event day volunteers either struggle with  mental health issues or love someone who does…….

This wonderful group of people gave their time generously to the tournament to support others because it’s a cause that is personal and important to them. In recognition of the day and of their contribution we asked to hear their perspectives on the day and we offer them as our official thank you……..

“I chose to volunteer this year for a few reasons. The first was to support others affected by the loss of someone that died by suicide. Second was that proceeds from the tournament were going to a cause that is so incredibly important to me and third was to listen to other people’s story regarding mental health / suicide and share my story as well. I also want to do all that I can to decrease the stigma around mental illness. Three and a half years ago, I lost my dad to suicide. Being a part of the tournament  allowed me to connect with people the “get it” and have experienced this bizarre and frustrating grief cycle…..” ~ KB

“There is strength in numbers! Not only does the tournament raise money for this important cause but it also brings a whole bunch of people together and starts a conversation. If talking openly about mental illness/suicide was more common, people may identify the ‘symptoms’ and feel like they are not alone….” ~AL

“Having anxiety myself and having been open about it through social media, a lot of people privately approached me to tell me their own stories. There are so many people fighting their own battles in secret. I hope events like this can change the stigma so people are able to be open about what’s happening for them and  also be able to find the courage to reach out for help…” ~SW

“I know that a lot of people probably think that I volunteer for the Legend Tournament because it’s affiliated with my workplace, but no one actually knows how much it means to me. I do it because it’s important and because it reminds me that I don’t have to be ashamed that I have depression!” ~ LF

Our continued mission to bring education, resources and inspiration to the community via the golf tournament was all kicked off  this year by bringing in our special guest,  Mr. Andrew Jensen. He is a professional golfer, mental health advocate and Bell Let’s Talk Ambassador. He was embraced by our community as he shared with us some parts of his story that include his own struggles with depression and anxiety.

“There was more than one part of Andrews speech that I found powerful. I loved though how he spoke about how it is his dream that one day people will talk as openly about their mental, emotional  scars as the physical scars on their body….” ~AL

“In addition to the loss of a loved one by suicide, I also have an anxiety disorder. I work hard to manage it with healthy eating, exercise, hobbies, friends, family and medication however; there are days that are hard. So I find it very admirable when someone can stand up and share their story in hopes of normalizing and increasing awareness. I agree with so much of what Andrew said,  in that mental illness shouldn’t be treated any differently than a physical illness or injury. Some of my friends have lost a parent to cancer and I lost mine to mental illness….” ~KB

“It’s easy to pretend you’re tough and can get through anything but this year I had people step up and tell me they could see that I wasn’t ok.  I wasn’t happy about it at first but now I’m so grateful. They saved me! I spent the year going through numerous doctor appointments, medication changes, and counselling appointments. So listening to Andrew’s speech really hit me because it was the first time all year that I put everything into perspective. I know it’s ok to ask for help but I never want to burden anyone with my problems. The burden is the biggest obstacle I have to face but by doing this tournament, I know where to go for advice and help. Most importantly, I know that I’m not alone in my everyday battle! To see that a successful golfer & speaker like Andrew can live his life with this problem makes me feel like I can also succeed….”~LF

“With hosting this tournament I feel like we are for sure helping decrease the stigma around mental illness and suicide. I think coming together as a community and listening to each other’s stories will hopefully give those who are seeking help the courage to reach out and the avenues to access proper resources and tools…” ~JW

“I think hosting the Legend Tournament brings a variety of people together to advocate for suicide awareness and it gives people the opportunity to hear from someone who is relatable and still struggles with it. Each person leaves the tournament with the message that ‘it’s ok to not be ok.'” ~ AL

This year the Legend Tournament raised just over $11,000!  Proceeds will benefit CMHA to support Survivors of Suicide Loss Day  (SOS Day) & be utilized for local mental health and suicide prevention initiatives including Grasslands Innovations School Wellness Team.

We are grateful  for the opportunity to honour Dallas’ life in this way.  Thank you to our amazing sponsors for their generous support, all those who attend the event and of course the volunteers who join us for the day and bring smiles & support for all! 

~The Full Circle Team

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